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August 13, 2010 / I listen to a lot of these things, so much that it could probably be classified as some sort of obsession in a bad way.

[Takeoff of recent NASA shuttle mission]
Astronomy Cast and NASA launches on YouTube go well together

Since I have my headphones pretty much permanently jammed into my head I am able to do the following thing for you: provide you with a list of favourite podcasts, amongst which you may find something quite interesting.

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[Savage Love]
Savage Love
Dan Savage. Everything you ever wanted to know about sex and preferred that someone else asked. Funny as hell. Brought to us by the Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth. Dan’s voice, also pretty marvelous. (Category: Sexuality.) iTMS, website (2006–)
[Democracy Now!]
Democracy Now!
Amy Goodman. A daily digest of the news that matters with fascinating interviews and debate. People in their own words. Every show a driven, inspiring and unflinching look at national and global events. (Category: News & Politics.) website (1996–)
[Background Briefing]
Background Briefing
ABC journalists. Consistently the most relevant, well-researched and informative investigative journalism on the radio. Looks at emerging social, economic and political topics. Props to Dan for the recommendation. (Category: News & Politics.) See also… website (1995–)
[This American Life]
This American Life
Ira Glass. Wonderful collections of stories organized by theme. American culture served with humour, pathos, insight and a dash of longing. Occasional collaborations with other journalists. (Category: Society & Culture.) See also… website (1995–)
[The Conversation]
The Conversation
Dan Benjamin. Thoughtful interviews with movers and shakers in web and software development with forays into design, production, and online culture. Candid talk that’s low on jargon; well-produced. Dan Benjamin is doing great things. (Category: Tech News.) iTMS, website (2010–)
[All in the Mind]
All in the Mind
Natasha Mitchell. Fascinating interviews with experts in the areas of psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and the occasional bit of philosophy. The conversations with Thomas Szasz are fantastic. (Category: Science & Medicine.) website (2002–)
[The Bugle]
The Bugle (paywall)
John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman. Gut-clenching satirical take on the week’s news. Think hilariously accented, ginger mopped, ancient history major and the guy from The Daily Show. (Category: Comedy.) See also… iTMS since 2009 (2007–)
[Point of Inquiry]
Point of Inquiry
Chris Mooney, Robert Price and Karen Stollznow. Formerly D.J. Grothe. Consistently challenging interview program promoting skepticism and science in the public interest. (Category: Social Sciences.) iTMS, website (2005–)
[The Moth]
The Moth
Shorts from performances at The Moth in New York City and on tour. Straight out fantastic live storytelling. Introduced each week by Dan Kennedy, whose own Moth story is particularly good. (Category: Performing Arts.) website (2008–)
[Astronomy Cast]
Astronomy Cast
Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay. Program by astronomy experts that’s pitched at a general audience. Though they cover some, um… hard physics stuff. Try wrapping your head around the theory of inflation. Good times. (Category: Natural Sciences.) See also… iTMS, website (2006–)

Honorable mentions

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2 responses

  1. lydiat

    Sending this to Steve. (Because I’m incapable of doing anything other than listening, spellbound, to podcasts, I’ve never really gotten into them.) Also, a suggestion (that he found, of course): “Stuff You Should Know.”

    August 14th, 2010 at 11:14 am #

  2. Adrian Cooke

    Thanks Lyds, I’ll check it out.

    August 14th, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

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