Page last modified: June 23rd, 2013

Major design, naming and content changes to this site are noted below. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


From 2005 to 2009 I published this site at In July, 2009 I moved it to a new domain at Interestingly, that wasn’t the hard part; trying to rescue my old domain from the reseller I originally registered it through, however, well… it pays to spend a little extra money on some things. I’ve learned my lesson.

The Content

I’ve changed the content gradually in order to focus on the weblog. Static homepages are dull, dedicated contact and links pages unnecessary, third-party sites win for photo hosting, and I haven’t freelanced in a while. More specifically the following sections are no longer part of Zero to One-Eighty:

Old sections
Dead Reckoning When I first published this site the weblog was only one part of it, and that part was called Dead Reckoning. Everything that was published there is still available: links that include redirect to
Pixel Rebellion Pixel Rebellion was a portfolio page. It included descriptions and screenshots of projects from my time working as a web consultant at Yale. Links that include redirect to this page.
Longitudes Longitudes was a photo gallery. It is no longer available except for the photos from Shoham and Michel’s wedding and the shots of Harvey that I took in the summer of 2004. Links that include redirect to this page.

The Style

The visual appearance of this site has been updated several times is a constant work in progress. To give you a sense of how it’s changed, here’s one of my favourite posts since I wrote it in 2007 (I’ve linked to relevant posts about each change where possible):

Various incarnations of “They came from The North
[dark grey background, design inspired by Kubrick] version 1
[dark header strip with light background divided into two columns] version 2
[single column centred design on light background with logo and mark at top-centre] version 3
[single column centred design on light background with logo and mark at top-left] version 3.5
[single column left-aligned design on light background] version 3.6
[single column left-aligned design on photographic background] version 3.6.8
[single column left-aligned design with thick, black border on orange background] version 3.6.11
[single column left-aligned design on black background with “new” speech bubble] version 3.7
[two column left-aligned design on white background with large title graphic] version 4
[two column left-aligned design on warm grey background with improved typography] version 4.1.8