The future of Canadian media

October 4, 2009 / Joe Clark responds to his critics from the Ryerson future of journalism discussion, at which Clay Shirky was a guest speaker.

Joe Clark, after a panel discussion “What’s Next for News?” at Ryerson School of Journalism, on Canada’s cultural cringe:

I insist merely that Canada is a country separate from the United States and the United Kingdom. We need our own solutions to our own problems. Only a special kind of cultural sellout would object to that sentiment. You are that kind of sellout. Put that in your Twitpic and smoke it.

Be sure to read the whole thing for context. This excerpt comes from right at the end of Clark’s post. It’s an interesting problem, and one with which most Australians are all-too-familiar. I love Clay Shirky too, but Clark has a point about the power law effect.

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