The China Project at GoMA

June 19, 2009 / GoMA blew us away. One-time visitors to Australia now have to include Brisbane.

GoMA—Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art—took my breath away:

[from ‘The day before I went away’ series]
Guo Jian’s The day before I went away (2008), from The China Project photo set

Brisbanites and visitors, if you haven’t yet been to GoMA, I urge you to pay a visit. It truly is a world-class museum, and The China Project will knock your socks off. ’Tis also free. While I’m at it, not only is the new building amazing, but the renovations to the State Library and the Queensland Museum and Art Gallery have redefined the space into something at once very special and highly approachable. Awesome bookshops, too. Props to the Queensland Art Gallery for the remarkable transformation they’ve wrought at the cultural centre.

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