September 28, 2008 / Give yourself a good fright with this one.

This new game sounds disturbing: competitively imagine the effects of near-future threats to human existence, find evidence in the present to support your worst fears and use the web to meme the hell out of it. It’s an obsessive-compulsive’s jackpot. Ze Frank likes it; Brady Forrest is upbeat; mrjudkins has already started. The idea of an empty supermarket shelf as signifier of impending global crisis has been knocking around in my head since gas prices verticalised and suddenly every other news story was about oil, polar bears or honey bees. This pastime will surely hone your catastrophisation skills. I’m imagining Clive Owen roaming Stop ‘n Shop wearing a duster, no shoes and a frantic look on his face in a desperate search for a head of broccoli. Tank rolls by in the parking lot. Distant gunfire. I think I’ll go and have a little panic attack.

(Via Dan Todd.)

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