We must all be feminists now

December 6, 2017 / Patriarchy is at the root of everything. Until women have as much power as men, we won’t be able effectively to confront the existential threats to the species or even to common decency.

This I believe: the original enemy is patriarchy. Source of the original division of labour, the original dehumanisation, the original divide and conquer. Every structure of control is built upon its foundation. All of us are subject to it, and many of us are its perpetrators and enablers. It diminishes us all, and we must remember it, recognise it, and resist it. Nothing will change if we don’t understand this. The world is a changeable place, and a better one is possible. Put women in power. Feminists spent the better part of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries teaching this. We’ll never get there if we don’t realise that we must all be feminists now.

Also, fuck Dustin Hoffman.

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