Dineen Hall

September 9, 2017 / The building that houses the College of Law at Syracuse: modern, but not too chilly.

[Dineen Hall viewed from the northwest corner]
Northwest corner. View a larger version

Dineen Hall is the new (since a few years ago) home of Syracuse University’s College of Law. I’ve been taking different routes to work this past week and it looked quite sharp in the morning light. I like this dark building, especially its colours, the contrast between brick texture and smooth glass, and the extrusions in some of the walls. Maybe I like it also because it’s so different from the classically inspired, vaguely authoritarian sandstone building that houses the School of Law at the University of Queensland. (I attended law school briefly before realizing I’d made a terrible mistake.)

[Dineen Hall viewed from the southeast corner]
Southeast corner. View a larger version

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