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October 23, 2009 / Lucy Rodgers wrestles mightily with triumphalism.

Lucy it was kind of you to tell your readers why my weblog is called Zero to One-Eighty, using nothing less than the solid expository power of the bulleted list:

  • All points on the Prime Meridian are at 0° longitude
  • All other points on the earth have longitudes ranging from 0° to 180°E or from 0° to 180°W…
  • Unlike the parallels of latitude, which are defined by the rotational axis of the Earth, the Prime Meridian is arbitrary

It was an informative article — aside from all the venerable Greenwich Obervatory, historical import, British sea power ra-ra-ra — though I couldn’t shake the feeling that every time you said “arbitrary” you also meant “(but somehow so right).”

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