Drew McLellan on Choosing a CMS

June 18, 2008 / This is one of my favourite lists. What a wonderful world it would be if all content management systems hit each of these.

Drew McLellan at Edge of My Seat writes up eight features to consider to consider when choosing a CMS. This is packed with succinct explanations and good reasoning. At least half of these are simply features of good web design (“design” as in how it works, not how it looks, and “web” as in of data not 2.0).

The features are:

  1. clean url design
  2. data feeds
  3. data stored in an open format
  4. customisable and accessible administration interface
  5. search
  6. multi-site support
  7. multi-language support
  8. caching
  9. recent and emerging technologies
  10. can it output json easily?

Wait, that’s ten. Also, a feed-builder as part of #2. So maybe: “customisable data feeds.” Nirvana.

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