‘Sex! Violence! Dismemberment! Zombies!’

September 6, 2009 / Lady Geek discovers the Dragons.

Megan Burns, on discovering George R.R. Martin:

I like to pretend that I can mingle successfully with normal people and that I function as a kind of geek liaison to the regular world, but like George Costanza I may have recently crossed the line from Man to Bum. I must confess that I’ve become totally enthralled with George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. I’m not at all into fantasy books, but I liked Lord of the Rings a lot. I tried to read Wheel of Time, I did really try, but I didn’t make it past the first couple of chapters. It was just too dang boring. But man, about a hundred pages into Martin’s Game of Thrones I was hooked forever. It has everything. Sex! Violence! Dismemberment! Zombies!

Yes indeed. All that good stuff. It’s been a long wait for the next installment, A Dance with Dragons. Be sure to click through to Megan’s post to see her (awesome, expressive, minimalist) illustration of her dropped-in-the-tub trade paperback.

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