Touché, eMusic

August 21, 2009 / Oh screw you too, eMusic.

My recent reply to an eMusic marketing e-mail:

Rating albums helps make your homepage better. Give it a go: visit your homepage, check out some albums and award some stars. See details below.

I don’t think so. I get that the market has shifted and I realise that in this new major label world of eMusic your service sort of still kind of represents reasonable value, but there is a limit to how much Stockholm Syndrome my ego can tolerate. I will not be rating albums or sending you my precious bodily data. It just leaves a bad taste when you repeatedly reduce my quota. You are doing what you have to do. Me three.

To be removed from eMusic’s promotional email list go to our Opt Out Page. Please note that this will remove you from all eMusic newsletter lists.

You bet, I’m on it.


Their reply to me:


Please do not reply to this e-mail, as we are unable to respond to your reply from this address.

If you would like to contact eMusic, please visit our Contact Us page by going to:


Your Friends at eMusic

Oh, yeah? Then why didn’t it seem sincere? Fuckers.

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