February 21, 2009 / Resources and love for grid systems.

[stylised layout of F8 WordPress theme]
Layout of F8 Lite by Thad Allender, used to dramatic effect by Jonathan Jarvis

Believe it or not I used a grid tool when I made the most recent layout for this site. I can’t remember how I found ctrl+shift+g, but it’s surprisingly useful for aligning elements on the page, even if said page includes (ahem) one column. It’s a JavaScript implementation of Khoi Vinh’s clever background image technique.

More recently I came across The Grid System, with it’s complex and highly controlled grid layout. I really like the “Show Grid” feature (top right) because it highlights horizontal as well as vertical sections. The site bills itself as “The ultimate resource in grid systems.” It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ’em. (I’m pretty sure I won’t have to star any others.)

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