Sidebar: robotic mules, etc.

October 29, 2008 / Tech-fetish object edition of the short-lived link round-up series.

Darpa Preps Son of Robotic Mule #
The Defense Department is seeking robotic pack animals that can carry several hundred pounds of supplies alongside troops in the field. This is so Uncanny Valley. When kicked from the side the unit in the video doesn’t fall over, it stumbles like a newborn calf and regains its balance.
Usability Testing Report: 2.5 and Crazyhorse #
Jane Wells on the re-redesign of the WordPress admin UI in version 2.7 (Crazyhorse), including discussion of, and data from, the user testing process. I was wondering what this is all about… I’m one of those fans of the 2.5 overhaul.
Interview John Allsopp of Web Directions and Scroll Magazine #
Interview with John Allsopp, co-creator of Scroll Magazine, an inspired new web magazine in print, PDF and HTML that was created for Web Directions South. Cool way to publish a conference program. Go Aussie.
A Message From Dean Joel M. Podolny #
Joel Podolny is leaving Yale SOM after three and a half years for a position as vice president and dean of Apple University. (Wha?) Well, let’s be honest, what can you expect from a sociologist, really?
JavaScript Will Save Us All #
Eric Meyer on the idea of using JavaScript to give browsers a greater level of CSS3 support, with reference to John Resig’s new Sizzle selector engine. Great idea. I’ve been using Dean Edwards’ IE8 script in this way for a while now to, you know, fix IE. But imagine if CSS3 suddenly existed.

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