Farewell, Dead Reckoning

March 25, 2008 / A short navel gaze about expanding the blog to the whole site, instead of having the blog be just a part of it.

Dead Reckoning is now Zero to One-Eighty. The time had come. On the weekend I decided to overhaul my site (for probably the fifth time), downloaded the WordPress 2.5 release candidate (when I heard that Zeldman and Co. did the interface redesign I had to try it out), and got to work.

The more I thought about the URL design of the site, and the various naming decisions I’d made, the more I realised that subtracting from the site was the best solution. I haven’t updated my photos in a while, or my projects list (though I’ve been working on plenty of stuff), and links pages have gone the way of the dodo. In any case, I was never really satisfied with the subsections of the site having their own identity, “Dead Reckoning,” “Longitudes” and so on. Now the blog’s home page is the site’s home page, and the rest is pretty simple.

I’ll probably build it up a bit in the coming weeks. I’ve got redirects in place for the blog but please note that the feed URL has changed. That’s it for now. The old DR was a lot of fun, and I think I’m going to miss the curves…

Update: see the Changes page for additional information.

Update (Dec. 2016): feeling compelled to point out that “Zero to One-Eighty” is far from a simple name ?.

2 responses

  1. lyds

    nice redesign, even if you DID take away my favorite part of the site. ;)
    something i’ve noticed about links pages: twittr, tumblr and co don’t have them. they also generally don’t allow comments. has the web reached self-introspective middle-age, or is merely in the midst of its self-obsessed teens…?

    March 25th, 2008 at 10:32 am #

  2. Ads

    I would say teens. Less posters on the bedroom wall, more phone calls on the cell. Quick messaging amongst a wider group of friends is what twitter and tumblr have in common. But there’s always an exception. Remember “S-s-s-somthing from the comments”? Dreamy heartthrobs aren’t dead just yet, right Ze?

    March 25th, 2008 at 8:20 pm #

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