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June 6, 2007 / One wonders.

[very brightly coloured interrobang]
What the deuce? Why it’s Interrobang 2012 of course.

…but could you make the logo smaller? (Note to the London 2012 Committee: I’ve seen your nonsense terms of use for the logo and even linking to your web site—weirdos—so I made my own, which you may not use even with my express permission.)

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  1. Dan Todd

    Well, judging by the poll on the linked page, its only me and three others that like the logo.

    There are a couple of reasons why I like it and they are thusly:

    1. The spent less than AUD$1mill and everyone in the whole world is talking about it. I think that it might be the logo with the quickest ascent into the “recognisable” category ever. One would be hard pressed to make a 15 second ad and play it on a regional tv network for the same money.
    2. This is the future. Gibson, Stephenson and Reynolds have portrayed not-too-distant futures where the written language is gylph based. 2012 is the future and all billboards will be holographic and written in Kanji or Cantonese or even sanskrit.
    3. This is the past. While we are in the midst of Cool Britannia, I think that Retro Britannia is cool. I have fond memories of the heady days of the BBC Micro, Doctor Who and Red Dwarf. This is the logo that could easily be rendered by a BBC Model B. It wouldn’t look out of place in Red Dwarf and looks like a monster out of Doctor Who.

    All in all. I think its a winner.

    June 8th, 2007 at 7:52 pm #

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