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June 4, 2006 / I’ve recently updated my Projects page with some blurbs and screenshots for several forthcoming sites…

I’ve recently updated my Projects page with some blurbs and screenshots for several forthcoming sites [Update July 5, 2009: the Projects page no longer exists]:

[screenshots for Æternia, the Yale Sociology Department and Yale Sociology Research]


Elena and I now have our own web site. We will be developing Æternia over the coming months with the first of a series of ideas that have been percolating in our heads for a while. We envision a site that will range from the personal to the professional to the comical (or whatever name politics is going by these days). I will be posting more about Æternia as we get the project moving.

Yale Sociology Department, Redesign 2

Finally, I will be continuing work on the second redesign of the Yale Sociology Department’s main web site. The first redesign, brought online last fall, was mostly a content overhaul and sitemap cleanup. This time the focus is on updating the design—which task I am approaching in the spirit of the “realignment,” rather than the redesign, for ALA aficionados. My goal is a site that feels like 2006 (advanced CSS, standards compliant and screen-reader friendly) but stays true to the overall themes of the University’s visual presentation.

Yale Sociology Research

The project that has been demanding the majority of my time recently is a web application I am developing for the Yale Sociology Department called Yale Sociology Research. YSR will provide a simple interface enabling content administrators to upload material to a server and distribute it according to the needs of specific individuals or groups. This service is being developed to address the need for unpublished material to be protected from general circulation on the Internet—but to be accessible from a multitude of web locations. In most cases accessing content requires authentication as a Yale affiliate or guest (although the service will be configured to allow general access where appropriate). A calendaring function for departmental business is planned for inclusion in the near future.

More news to come when the projects go live (a term that officially died in the land of Macrodobia last week; via Daring Fireball).

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