[Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions]

December 24, 2016 / About sixteen years ago a friend urged me to read Vonnegut and it took me until last week to do it.

Read ‘Inheritance’

[Adam Goodes]

Who’s standing up to symbolic violence?

June 5, 2015 / Pavlovian case study Andrew Bolt versus Indigenous footballer Adam Goodes.

[Fortress, cropped]

‘But I’m demilitarized!’

April 18, 2015 / “Even without your principle armament, I bet you could waste planets if you wanted to—”

[Gondwana fossil map]

Science, duty, and maybe love

August 30, 2014 / A remarkable scientific discovery emerged from the tragedy of Scott’s fatal Antarctic voyage.

[coloured blocks]

Intro to Bitcoin

March 16, 2014 / Been listening to and reading some discussions of Bitcoin, so this is where I’ll keep track of the good ones.

[Apple Feedback form]

Restore ‘Show plain text alternative’

December 24, 2013 / A lot could be said about, but for now at least fix the missing plain text option.

[From the Ashes]

The tragedy of Tohoku

April 20, 2013 / We have to look at what happened to Japan with clear eyes if we are ever going to get a grip on nuclear power in the years to come.

[El Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina]

‘Compromised molecular structure’

February 17, 2013 / In which web developers who are travel writers have blogs and use SLR cameras and that’s deemed “old school.”

[North Main Street in fog]

Way of the future

December 3, 2012 / My response to the proposed Wesleyan Bookstore relocation.

Regarding the sound of falling leaves

November 18, 2012 / Snow has a sound, it’s true, but the tone of leaves falling in autumn is somehow more surprising.